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I paid for Travel pass and but didn't get tickets

New Author


My card deducted the balance but ticket not booked. Its showing "PLEASE WAIT..." on back. Kindly help.
I bought 4 days Travel pass for my wife Avinash Kaur
My email address is 
What should i do now? 
I contacted the HSBC bank customer care and they said transaction is successful at their side. I sent all the above details with transaction authorization code to
Please help

Hi @ramank 

Thank you for your request.

We have checked your order and found your 4 days Travel Passes. We sent you these tickets again.
Please check your email (eventually in SPAMS).

Best regards

Hi Nicolas,

I got the refund back of my last transaction done yesterday through HSBC.  Kindly please let me know how to change Surname on Travel Pass. My Wife Name is Avinash Kaur as per Passport but on Travel Pass its showing Avinash Katyal. 

Can i use same travel pass or should i order new one? 

Thanks & Regards


Hallo @ramank 

I see in your order 132780721 that you already received the answer on your mail with the explanation.

I wish you a nice day.


Hi concerned,

Same issue with me. The card got charged 281 CHF for Swiss Travel Pass but neither there is a refernece no nor any mail to my email id. Below is what I see as a error on SBB website

  • System interruption. Please try again later. Thank you. 
    SID O_Je0jVtO5Djn4vdZlXWTsJ
    System OTHER
    Fehler bei TransactionService.commit

Could you please help me on this. I've to book 3 more Swiss Travel Passes but this error is keeping me back from booking.


Hello @vpilaka

We cannot determine the reason why your credit card was declined. It can happen that we reject credit card transactions for reasons of security. This action is primarily intended to protect the card holder.

If you received notice that your credit card was declined you must call your credit card company directly.



I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards.


Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your message.

I think there is some miscommunication on my request. Let me explain it again in details:

I booked mine and my wife 4 days travel pass 4 days back. After payment i checked my wife Name is wrong in Travel as per passport. In my wife travel pass Name showing "Avinash Katyal" but as per her passport Name is "Avinash Kaur". After this mistake i contacted customer support and sent them an email regarding this issue. 

Yesterday i got an following email from support :


Ref: CC10189581 / 132780721

Dear Mr. Katyal

Thank you for your query.

The personal details on the Online/Mobile Ticket must correspond with the particulars of the travelling person. If another person is travelling you need a new ticket.

Please book your trip with the correct details again under (or with the application SBB Mobile) and forward us the new order number before the beginning of the validity by e-mail.

On receipt, we will cancel the order 132780721 and refund the amount of CHF 271.00 to the payment card used for the purchase. This includes a fee of CHF 10.00.


After this email yesterday i again booked my wife Travel Pass online but payment is deducted from my Bank HSBC Credit Card but my Travel pass is not booked. I contacted with Bank Support and they said Transaction is successful. 

Kindly cross check the last transaction made through my account. I paid via HSBC Bank Credit card yesterday. Please cancel this transaction and send me Travel Pass with correct Name.