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Half fare for tourists

New Member

Hi, I am a tourist and this is my first time ever that I will be using Swiss transportation.

When I purchased the ticket as a guest, it was half fare card which I don’t know what is that so I purchased the ticket to St Gallen with reduced price.

Now I understand that I meed to buy a half fare travel pass which is a subscription card and then I can buy tickets with reduced fairs but I can’t buy tickets 1/2 price if I don’t have the “Half fare pass”

I would like to recieve a refund for my ticket so I can buy another one with the full price.

Thank youre


Hello @Mary88 

You can buy a Half-Fare Card as mentioned by @RolandP and the ticket would be valid, or you can apply for a refund under Ticket refunds | SBB help & contact and buy a new correct ticket.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.

Traveller (platinum)

Hi @Mary88 

The Half Fare Card for tourists is not a subscription; you have read the information for the Half Fare Card for residents. The Half Fare Card you'd require is named Swiss Half Fare Card, see: There is no difference between the two Half Fare Cards, with the only exception that the Swiss Half Fare Card for tourists is a paper ticket or e-ticket valid for 30 days, and costs CHF 120. You can still buy it; you have to be in the possession of the Half Fare Card latest at the moment you board the train. Swiss Half Fare Card – Switzerland at half the price | SBB

The ticket you already bought, from where to where it valid? And is it a normal point-to-point ticket or a Supersaver ticket?

Best regards,

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