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Halbtax und SwissPass

New Member


I am coming to Switzerland from Hungary in February. I will stay for 5-6 months, so I would like to buy a Half fare travel card. I don't have a SwissPass and I think it is impossible to ship the card to Hungary. Is there any option to buy a Half fare travel card from abroad before my travel, so I could use it for my arrival too? Or can I buy it at the train station in Zürich and use it immediately to travel into Bern?

Thank you for your help!


Hi @Lili_B 

It is possible to buy it online but I don't think there is enough time (production time and abroad shipping).

The easiest way is to buy the half-fare travelcard directly upon arrival at the SBB ticket office at Zurich Airport. It is important to provide a fixed address in Switzerland for the delivery of the card. Your first and last name must be on the mailbox.

Required documents: For the Half-Fare travelcard you have to bring the completed order form, an original passport photo and your passport or ID card to the ticket office. I advise you to print the order form, fill it out and bring it to the SBB counter.

You will find more information and the order form here.

I wish you a good afternoon and for the next month, a wonderful stay in our country.

Best regards