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Please use our help & contact area for all questions regarding your ticket bookings and for refunds.
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Forced cancellation due to Covid rule change 28/12/2021


Hi SBB, I purchased 2 First Class tickets for travel on 01/12/21 (order no. 1363143840) and on 06/12/21 (order no. 1363145315) and following the Swiss Government's Covid 10 day isolation rule change last night I can no longer travel (I am a UK resident), can you please explain how I get a refund, thank you.


Hi, I ended up calling them yesterday which was quick and easy in the end. It was not too expensive and the lady agreed to fully refund me after I explained. I recommend you do the same 


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Hi there,


I am in the same situation and filled in the refund application form yesterday and have yet to hear back from anyone. 

Did you have any success with a refund?

I don't want to have to call as it costs money but the date of validity on my travel passes starts on Saturday and so I am afraid that if I don't get it sorted before then, that I will not get a refund.



HI J, have not had a response yet but will post back on here when I do. A voucher for future travel would be a good 'customer friendly' compromise and be wholly in line with what other established travel firms are offering. 

I bought the super saver tickets for the whole family and now my flights got cancelled and i have to cancel the trip. 

When I call the hot line, they said i won't get any refund or even vouchers! So disappointed. 

With all this sudden changes in travel restrictions, i think SBB should have a special treatments for UK travellers. 

I am in the same situation and I am also from the UK....

Hi everyone @Yvonne21  @hyweldavies  @JL2 and @JBull 

Point-to-point tickets and day tickets at the normal fare can be refunded before their validity beginn. If you bought your ticket at normal fare online, you can even request a refund by phone.

However, when buying an economy product online with us (saver point-to-point tickets or saver day passes), you agree to it's special refund terms & conditions. Here I answered to an other similar post, so if you have the time, check it out :

Solved: Re: Why is there no refunds for saver day passes f... - SBB CFF FFS Community - 38453

If you have further questions, please call our rail service on +41 848 44 66 88 (0.08/min.) or +41 51 225 78 00. 

Wishing you all the best. EllenvS. 

Good evening Ellen,

All travel companies including airlines & rail companies offer 'Saver' type fares which in 'normal' circumstances customers understand to be non-refundable & non-transferable, however these are not 'normal' circumstances. These other travel companies (who also face the same financial & operational pressures as SBB as you mention) have all seen fit, for the sake of fairness, decency & no doubt being customer focused, to offer vouchers to use again on future travel (this would cost SBB zero). I find it incredibly disappointing, damaging to SBB's reputation and commercially a strange decision that they are still choosing to be so dogmatic, un-compromising and unfair. In such difficult times many businesses have come out of Covid as shining examples of how they helped their consumers, SBB is evidently not one of them, quite the opposite to be exact.

I'm sure that a number of your most disgruntled passengers may choose to post their thoughts on the wider Social Media travel sites, especially as we are likely to be faced with Covid related travel cancellations on a regular basis in future. I for one will be contacting the relevant Board Member at your HQ to share my concerns.

It does seem like there is an inconsistency in the response people are getting, some saying they have got refunds or vouchers and others nothing. I’m still waiting for a response to the request form I submitted. I can’t believe that SBB can’t follow the practice of other major travel brands (British Airways etc.) and at least offer vouchers to travel again. A negative response is only going to make people not want to book and pay in advance and would seem somewhat unfair under the current circumstances.



Hi, I ended up calling them yesterday which was quick and easy in the end. It was not too expensive and the lady agreed to fully refund me after I explained. I recommend you do the same 


Traveller (platinum)

Hello @hyweldavies 

Please contact the SBB Contact Center. Tel 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) or via the contact form: Refund request form for tickets purchased online/with the SBB Mobile app | SBB help & contact

Kind regards, SandrineS

Thanks Sandrine.