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Error when trying to purchase 'Swiss Travel Pass Flex 15 Tage'

New Member

I'm trying to purchase a 'Swiss Travel Pass Flex 15 Tage' with a July 11, 2022, start date but am receiving this error: 'Das gewählte Angebot ist leider nicht verfügbar. Bitte wählen Sie ein anderes Produkt oder wenden Sie sich an den Support.'. I've entered the United States as my country of residence. And am getting the same error for other kinds of Swiss Travel Passes. Anyone can help? Thank you!


Hello @Patrik3 

Thank you very much for your question. 

Please excuse the late response. 

Generally, we can best help if you call us: we will go through the purchase process step by step and verify what exactly does not work. 
The SBB Contact Center is available 24/7 at the number 0041 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min).

As an alternative, here are a few tricks that may help: 

-register on, so that you can purchase our products while logged in to the website. 
-save a payment method under "my account", as well as any other passenger (this will speed up the process)


-try accessing the website from different browsers

In the worst case scenario, it does not work at all: don't worry! Once you arrive in Switzerland, you will be able to buy the STP at any SBB Ticekt Couter (available for example at both airports, Geneva and Zürich) and have it start its validity on the same day. 

I wish you a great day!




Frequent Traveller (silver)

Kann jemand von der SBB bitte antworten @VlaznimA / @SandrineS … es geht immerhin um einen 15 Tage-Pass. Danke! 

Gruss, Reto