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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19). it forced me to cancel my trip. How can i have a refund?

New Member

Due to the covid-19 situation that WHO is announcement in to "HIGH RISK" of infection. It forced me to cancel every trip. And it prohibit to travel in risky country.

How can i make a refund?

New Member

I have cancelled my trip because of the coronavirus. How can I cancel my ticket and get a refund.

Hi @wwwanyy 

Thank you for your request.

We are currently refunding tickets for travels until 30.4.2020 free of charge.

Did you purchase your tickets at the SBB railway counter? Please go directly to the SBB counter.

Refunds for international e-tickets can be requested by calling the SBB Contact Center on: +41 848 44 66 88.
Refund for Online Tickets, please use this form: 

For tickets purchased in another country, please refer to the Rail Company of the country concerned.


Hi @NicolasK,

I submitted my refund request a few days ago, but haven't heard anything back.  How can I confirm that my refund request was successfully submitted?  How long should I expect the refund process to take?



Hi @dciolli1015 

Thank you @SandraI. My apologies for the duplicate request. I received a few errors when I originally tried to submit, so I was concerned I did something wrong.

I appreciate your quick response, and I hope we will still be able to visit later this year.



New Member

How can it still be possible to by a ticket from Italy to Geneva, surely the trains SHOULD be cancelled ? Profit over peoples health?

New Member

Ticket ID : 720309005890
Ticket ID : 065559631061
No of eTicket : 048982220
No of eTicket : 048982231
Ticket ID : 394199125236
Ticket ID : 596045302573

If you want other information please reply or email to me.  


Hello @NuniiY 

Thank you for your query.

Please use the following form for an refund request: 

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,