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Can I buy Day Swiss Pass + Top Of Europe travel pass combined & point to point question

New Author

I am intending to stay 8 full days in Switzerland, 3 nights in Lucern, then 3 nights in Lauterbrunnen and 2 nights in Zurich and I have some questions and hope you can assist please

1) If I purchase one or 2 separate days for Day Swiss Pass (the first 2 days), then am I eligible to also purchase the Top Of Europe travel pass i.e.

as in adult reduced CHF149 for 3 days? Or to be eligible for the CHF149 discount 3 days in Jungfrau website, Day Pass Travel is not applicable for this price unless I purchase the full Swiss Pass/Swiss Half Fare combination only?

2) Also as we may be intending to do few excursions in Zurich & Lucern, I am aware that Day Swiss Pass includes Mt Rigi but does it also include:
- Mt. Pilatus
- Stanserhorn
- Ebenalp cable car (up to the famous edge house cliff)
If not, what is the price? 50% discount?

3) If I intend to buy Swiss Half Fare and say I purchase one point to point fare ticket, I have heard that if you miss the train you booked on, you can always catch the next one as long as you reach to the final destination within 24 hours, is that correct?  

4) If so, what about the opposite?  For example on the day of checkout Interlaken, I am not sure if we will be able to finish the activities earlier than needed, so we may leave at 1pm.  Let's say I purchased point to point ticket in advance for 1pm train to Zurich but on the day, I think we have had enough, can I hop on the train before 1pm say at 10am to Zurich?  Or no, you cannot hop on the train earlier than 1pm?  If so, would it be better buy the ticket at 8am instead so I can hop on anytime from 8am onwards?

5) If I do hop on the different time train, do I need to pay the fare price difference given point to point fare fluctuates?

6) When we finish the Interlaken, we will go back to Zurich (via Bern for change of train) and may buy point to point. If so, can we can stop in Bern for a few hours and then continue back to Zurich as long as we get back to Zurich within 24 hours of the ticket purchase?  Or no, you need to buy Interlaken to Bern and then Bern to Zurich 2 separate fares? etc 

7) I was just playing around the Sbb app and play around with the timetable as if I am travelling but I see there is only Swiss Half Fare Card option and GA Travel card but NO "Swiss Half Fare Card" (the 1 month 120CHF) so therefore even I was to purchase online, 50% discount is not on the app on checkout, how to add to it if I want to treat it as if I am buying right now?

8. Is Swiss Half Fare card combining with additional discount to Swiss Day Pass applicable?

Sorry for the questions and your feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you very much!


Hello @worldtraveller 

You received all the answers yesterday via FB direct messenger. 

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,