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Best/cheapest option to ride on public transport in Lausanne for 5 months?

New Member

I'm moving to Lausanne (btw, still searching for an apartment if you know something), and I was wondering whats the best option for me to go from one side to another.
Thank you very much!


Hi @Tomassalema 

Thanks for your request.

If you are looking for the price of a Point-to-point Travelcard, we also need to know where you are traveling from. You can find information about the Point-to-point Travelcard here and for the region of Lausanne (Mobilis) here
I suggest you to contact our Contact Center at +41 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min).

My colleagues will inform you.

Have a nice afternoon.

Kinds regards

The main savings deal for regular users of public transportation in Switzerland is the very popular Half-Fare Card (Halbtax / Demi-Tarif). Bearers of this card receive 50% discount on almost all public transportation travel in Switzerland including trains, boats, buses, trams, and many cable cars.

The most important savings options for travelers using public transportation in Switzerland are the Junior Card, Half-Fare Card, and international offers.  vidmate app download insta save