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Bern to Grindelwald return ticket duration

New Author

I wish to have return tickets for my family (2 adults, 2 kids, 5 and 8 years old) between Bern and Grindelwald. The plan is to spend 3 nights in Grindelwald. I have got the price quotation from the SBB website as below. Does this mean the return journey has to be accomplished within a day, e.g. by tomorrow? Is there any way to book a more "open" ticket, allowing for a 3-4 days journey?

Is the total amount CHF186.20 right? I got a single adult one way ticket earlier and it was about CHF21 if my memory is correct. Have I got anything wrong? Thank you!!


Outward / return journey

from Bern, Neufeld P+R to Grindelwald and from Grindelwald to Bern, Neufeld P+RBern, Neufeld P+R  Grindelwald

2nd class

  • 1× Day Pass Children, child 6-167

Open tip Day Pass Children

Valid: Fri, 05.08.2022

until Sat, 06.08.2022 05:00

CHF 19.00

  • 2× Point-to-point Ticket125

Open tip Point-to-point Ticket

Valid: Fri, 05.08.2022

until Sat, 06.08.2022 05:00

CHF 167.20

  • 1× Point-to-point Ticket, Child 0-6 years125

Open tip Point-to-point Ticket

Valid: Fri, 05.08.2022

until Sat, 06.08.2022 05:00

CHF 0.00

Total price

CHF 186.20

New Member

Hello, I need to get to Zurich to Tirano, but I need to stop at Chur to catch the Bernina Express at Chur.  When I book ticket the only option for the time to depart from Zurich is 07:07,  Is there anyway I can book or see the earlier train to Chur?  How do I book the earlier 600-ish train to Chur?  What kind of train pass do I need?  Thank you so much for your help.


Hello @lonnienvu 

Thank you for your request.

If you split your trip, you get more options. Our timetable always looks for the best and fastest journey from A to B. If you now enter Zurich HB to Chur, the first connection leaves before 6.00 am in the morning. Then you can consult the timetable from Chur to Tirano. For this route you can buy a normal point-to-point ticket, or a day ticket - depending on your needs

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice afternoon.

Kind regards, ZoeS


Hi @Ken123 

Thank you for your request.

The return tickets are only valid for 1 day. So you have to buy two tickets, one for the outward journey and the second for the return journey. The price is the same.

- I recommend you our supersaver tickets or the Swiss Travel Pass (with this pass, children from their 6th up to their 16th birthday accompanied by at least one parent (holding a Swiss Travel System ticket) travel free of charge with the complimentary Swiss Family Card.)

If you have urgent questions, I suggest you call us at +41 848 44 66 88.

Have a nice weekend. 

Best regards

New Author

I have found the way to change the return dates. Does the "2× Point-to-point Ticket" give flexibilities to accomplish the journey in a day but add on the cost? Is it possible to have the tickets at the exact time to bring down the ticket cost? Thanks!