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Actually Activate A Day on the Leisure Travelcard

New Author

As the title states....

What are the actual steps in to activate a day on the Leisure Travelcard? I can see the card in my swisspass account, but no option to actually activate a date.... what is the secret?  


Hello @Jim2007 

It is possible that the button is not available, because the validity date of the excursion ticket has not started yet. You have the possibility to contact our customer hotline by phone at +41848 44 66 88 for the activation of the excursion day.

Have a nice day.

Regards/ DafineM

New Author

Bumping this, but I don't expect much

New Author

Thanks for your response, but it is of know help.  The button is obvious, it's what happens after clicking the button that is the issue.  On the next page I see my half tax card and the travel card, but no options to activate a date.

New Author

Thanks for your response, but it is of no help!  When I click the link you provided and I had already found, I see my half tax card on the left and the travel card on the right, but there is no option to actually activate a day.  What am I supposed to do or see after I click on your link?


Hi @Jim2007 

Thank you for your request.

Go to your account, then to "Travelcard". Your Leisure Travelcard will be displayed, you can activate the day from this point. 

I wish you a nice day.