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3 Day Travel Pass Zurich to Zermatt and Zermatt to Luzern

New Author


My wife and I are looking to book a 3 day travel pass for our trip in December.  We will be starting in Zurich on 14.12.2019 and heading to Zermatt on 15.12.19.  Will my travel pass cover the entire train journey from Zurich to Visp and Visp to Zermatt, or will there be fees above and beyond what I already pay with the 3 day travel pass?

Same question for our journey on 17.12.19 from Zermatt to Luzern.  Will the travel pass cover the entire rail portion of this trip, or is there a segment or connection not covered by the pass?

I am trying to determine total costs before I decide on buying the pass, point to point, or half fare card.





Traveller (platinum)

Hello @danieljdeland ,

For all your plans, there is no route that the Swiss Travel Pass doesn't cover.

Enjoy and have a nice day


Thank you. So there will be no extra fee for any of these trains I mention if I buy the travel pass? 

Hello @danieljdeland 

If you don't take a touristic train (e.g. Glacier Express), then the Swiss Travel Pass covers your mentioned routes. If you take a touristic train with obligatory seat reservation, you must pay the fee for the reservation separately in advance. All necessary information can be found on the following link: 

Kind regards,