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SBB staff refuse to enforce smoking rules

New Author

I continue to see passengers smoking in the non-smoking areas of the platforms at the St. Gallen Bahnhof, including in the underground passageways, and on one occasion in the main station building. Occasionally I have seen SBB employees (conductors, ticket officers, security) standing next to these violators and saying nothing to them. Three weeks ago I asked two conductors to ask a smoker to move from the non-smoking area of the platform to the smoking area and they refused. I asked them “are people allowed to smoke there” while pointing at the smoker, and they replied “no, you are not allowed to smoke there.” I asked the two conductors, “then would you please ask that person to move to the non-smoking area of the platform” and they replied “No, we can’t tell them what to do” even though they are clearly violating the rules of the company they represent. Last week I saw another SBB ticket officer or rail conductor smoking between the entrance of the Coop and the entrance of the St Gallen Bahnhof where you aren’t allowed to smoke; there are signs painted on the ground and a standing sign indicating the boundary of where you can and can’t smoke. 

The majority of Swiss citizens don’t smoke, so I would expect an increase in travelers if you banned smoking and enforced the ban. Yes, you may annoy the minority of SBB travelers who smoke but you’ll gain many more non-smoking travelers who refuse to use your services as often as they would like to because of the negative health impacts of breathing in second hand smoke while traveling on SBB. There is no safe level of second hand smoke so please, at the very least enforce your own rules and tell your employees to follow the same rules. 

Re: SBB staff refuse to enforce smoking rules


Hi @AH1 

I can understand your trouble. Unfortunately, the community isn't the best place for your complaint. Please forward your request directly to our customer service. By e-mail or by phone (Mon-Fri 8-17h).