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Easy ride - feedback

New Author

Dear SBB,

I recently used your new easy ride service and have some suggestions that might be of interest. Generally I think it is a really good idea. 

1) Smart watch app - I think easy ride is possibly a really good use case for a smart watch. For example, if I have a smart watch app that I can quickly activate easy ride, this reduces friction from a customer perspective and may help with adoption (basically ease of use). 

2) Requirement for always on app location services - possibly the biggest drawback for many people given privacy considerations and extended battery consumption. Could this work e.g. with IOS with background refresh required and the while using option enabled? While I get that the billing consideration is strongly linked to location services, personally I think may represent a longer term challenge. 

3) Billing and robustness - I tried to use the service on Friday and found that I did not receive a bill or record from you. My ticket was checked coincidentally for the trip by an SBB conductor. 

What I believe happened was I ended the trip before having mobile data access and the transaction didn't sync properly. Possibly a testing consideration for the SBB dev team to consider offline use case when someone ends a trip with no data - assume sort of local client side queue may be needed.

Hope this is of interest to someone on you team. Keep up the good work with your exciting new service.

Best regards,