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name in swiss pass and passport are not same.

New Author

Hello I have a Swiss pass and there is a Problem about Surname. Surname in rail pass and in Passport are not same. In passport there is 'UM(Surname) SEO HEE' and In Swiss pass there is 'EOM(Surname) SEO HEE' In this case if I have credit Card with same Name in Swiss pass, can I use it? Or should I refund it and reissue it?


Hi@ MinJungKim

If everything is correct except your surname you can travel with this Swiss Travel Pass. This means if your first name, passport number and country are correct.


Kind regards
Manuela Pf

Good evening,

My case is the same as the passenger ‘MinJungKim’ above except that my last name is the same as my Swiss pass by with different first name from my ID. I didn’t realize the name difference when paid on my app until I hoped onto the train. The officer didn’t accept my reasoning and insisted to see a picture ID  when my credit card, email account, uses the Swiss pass name.  

I bought a valid ticket with my credit card, and have traces to my credit card statement, and the officer issued me a fine and the reasoning on the fine is that it is not a valid ticket. 

Can you please help?  thank you so much!

warm regards,



I bought Swiss Travel Pass and get the e-ticket by e-mail.

My First Name in Passport is MAIZON and my last name is BINTI MD SALLEH.

When I get the swiss travel Pass,the name in the ticket was BINTI MD SALLEH MAI.

I think the missing word ZON because of not enough space .

Anyhow I afraid there is a problem when I want to use it on board.

Traveller (gold)

Hey @maizon

Don't worry, you can travel without problems with your Swiss Travel Pass.

Regards Kilian