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companion ticket

New Author

Hi, I'm planning to buy 1-month half fare card (I'm foreigner)

First time, I'm going to buy 2 half fare card(I have a companion) 

But I got the information about companion ticket.


So I decided to buy only 1 half fare card, and buy 1-day travlepass for each day.

Is it possible to use companion ticket with 1-day travlepass for 1-month half fare card? 


If it's possible, the person who will use companion card can also gets dicounts on mountain excursion. right?


Plus, Can I buy a 1-day travlepass at train station? or do I have to buy it online or sbb app? 


Thanks in advance. 

Traveller (gold)

Hi @bonneyhing

The companion ticket can be used for one day throughout the GA travelcard area of validity: . In the area of validity you will also find the discounts per route. It is also possible to use the companion ticket with 1-day travelpass for 1-month half fare card. Additional information can be found here:

Kind regards, Davide

I think my question was not that clear.


For example, if I go to Brienzer Rothorn with half-fare card, I can get 50% discounts. 

How about the person I take with(the person who has companion ticket)? Can she get dicounts, too? 



I'm sorry to bother you. thanks. 

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @bonneyhing,

No, the 50% discount is applicable to Half-Fare card holders only.

Best regards,

I noticed that currently the Companion tickets are available till 5th May - are there any plans to extend it? 

I am planning to travel on 25th May and not sure if I should wait for the Companion tickets or just take a Day Pass for my friend?


Best regards

Hi @Greg12 

Thank you for your request.

There are no plans to extend this offer. For your travel partner, I recommend the saver day passes:

Best regards