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Wrong start date of my Half-fare Card

New Member


I had the trial Half-fare card I bought in November and it expired on January 12nd, 2022. I extended my half-fare card to the annual one. And due to the campaign, it was supposed to follow on directly from the last day of validity (i.e. without any break in its validity).

Now I realized that the officer at the train station started my date from February 13th 2022. I will be using the train twice before February 13th and I will be traveling from abroad.

What can I do for these two travels to be included in my half-fare card?

Thank you,

New Member

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Hello @gozgun 

Thank you for your query.

It is best to contact an SBB ticket office or to call our SBB Contact Center: 0848 44 66 88. Our colleagues can check the effective validity and then give you detailed information about your request.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,