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Unable to purchase tickets

New Member

I've been attempting to purchase tickets and was able to enter my credit card information, but after I submit it, I'm taken back to the "Payment Details" screen saying that the payment failed. This never hit my credit card, as I normally would get an alert from the company informing me that a charge was attempted. I've been using this credit card throughout my travels in Europe without issue. Am I missing something?

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 6.41.19 PM.png

New Member

I have the same problem as "atmosphere" which I can't use any of my visa or master cards to purchase travel card online.

What happen to them? All my cards are well function, if it is the security problem, can it fix by the bank? My friend said it is the problem of my cards which is issue in Macao? What can I do?

Traveller (bronze)

This issue was discussed in another thread. They want extra security for on-line purchases and need VISA/MC which have it--most don't. I've used American Express cards (directly issued by Amex), these have worked for me.

Commuter (silver)

Hi atmosphere

We cannot determine the reason why your credit card was declined. It can happen that we reject credit card transactions for reasons of security. This action is primarily intended to protect the card holder.

Payments by credit card will only take place if your credit card is enrolled for 3-D Secure. "Verified by Visa", "MasterCard SecureCode", "American Express SafeKey" and "Diners ProtectBuy" are based on a technology called 3D-Secure. This service ensures that only you may purchase online using your credit card.

If your credit card is signed on for 3D-Secure, a pop-up window will appear during the payment transaction, in which your 3D-Secure password is requested as well as your pre-selected security message. The password identifies you clearly as the cardholder. The indicated security message gives you the assurance that your password verification was carried out by your credit card company.

This pop-up window is automatically blended in by your credit card company and is not governed by the SBB. For further queries regarding payment using your credit card, please contact your credit card company.

Kind regards

Traveller (bronze)

I just posted about a similar problem I was having. Are these "secure" methods something my Bank would be able to activate? As I noted in my question, American Express worked, so AMEX must be linked with SafeKey (since I saw that word appear when the transaction was approved).