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Unable to purchase a ticket online

New Author

I have been trying since yesterday morning to purchase a ticket online. I tried 6 difference credits/debit cards and 3 difference browsers. I keep getting the same message. "Card authorization rejected". All my cards are in good standing. What on earth is wrong with your systems.


Hi @F-ace

We cannot determine the reason why your credit card was declined. 

The payments by credit card will only take place if your credit card is enrolled for 3-D Secure. "Verified by Visa", "MasterCard SecureCode", "American Express SafeKey" and "Diners ProtectBuy" are based on a technology called 3D-Secure. This service ensures that only you may purchase online using your credit card.

If your credit card is signed on for 3D-Secure, a pop-up window will appear during the payment transaction, in which your 3D-Secure password is requested as well as your pre-selected security message. This pop-up window is automatically blended in by your credit card company and is not governed by the SBB. 

For further queries regarding payment using your credit card, please contact your credit card company.

Best regards

Hi Nicolas and thank you for your message. Well, our bank cards are not part of the 3D secure system no more. It is considered old. I did create a Masterpass account, with 2 different cards. Again, unable to purchase tickets. I truly do not understand what is going on. All cards are in good standing and have money in there. When I contacted my banks they said that the transactions never reached them. They cant see why the cards are being rejected. Which is very very odd. It means that your system cannot process them at all. So, this makes it an SBB problem, and not my banks' problem. Bottom line, I am unable to purchase tickets, and I find it truly disturbing cuz I will lose the supersaver prices...

I, too, am unable to purchase a ticket online. My experience is exactly the same as the messages I've seen in this line of Q&A. I've done as others have done--called my credit card company, etc. The transaction (even though rejected by SBB) does not show up on their end at all. They said it was therefore a problem with SBB's online system. I have a Visa card that I use for all travel; never (ever) had a problem with it being accepted. Please advance a request to your IT division that there is a problem with the online purchasing of tickets. Thank you.

New Author

Will someone please respond to my message? I tried again today; I'm still unable to purchase a ticket online. My cc company reviewed the situation--and the problem is on SBB's end. There is no reason my credit card should be denied for use with this purchase. Frustrating.

Hello  @CAB

Please contact directly our ticketshop by mail to check your request again:

I wish you a nice day.