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Train cancelation and hotel night compensation

New Member


I would like to ask whether it is possible and how in that case, to receive compensation for canceled train services which led us to have to spend a night at the hotel to catch our flight? We got stranded in Zermatt due to an avalanche blocking the rails for hours and could not make it to Zurich to our connecting flight during the same day. We already applied for compensation for the unused train tickets but I would like to know if and how we can apply for compensation for the hotel night due to canceled travel. Thank you for your help in advance! 

Best regards, 

Jutta Jalkanen 


Hello @Jutjal 

Thank you for your request.

We are sorry for the circumstances in which you experienced.

Accommodation costs are not compensated if the transport company is not responsible for the delay or cancellation of a means of transport, i.e. for example due to a natural event (avalanche).

You can find more about the rights in case of delays and the possibility to apply for compensation here:

I wish you a nice day.
Kind regards, LeaG

Frequent Traveller

Hello @Jutjal 

Kindly note, the railway company concerned was Matterhorn Gotthardbahn.

You can find the passenger rights for the Swiss public transport here:

However, although I completely do understand your unpleasant situation and the additional expenses caused, public transportation companies cannot made liable for unforseeable events, such as avalanches. I guess, this is also valid in your home country; thus, this is a matter for your travel insurance. 

To conclude, passenger rights reject any compensation payments arising from natural disasters:

  • You have no entitlement to the covering of costs of accommodation, if the transport company is not responsible for the delay or cancellation in question. For example, this applies in the event of delays or cancellations resulting from natural disasters.
  • You have no entitlement to the covering of costs arising from subsequent damages, for example, if you miss a flight or concert due to a delay or cancellation.

Best regards,

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