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Train bregenz to Zurich

New Member

The train from Bregenz To Zurich yesterday 7 May at 14hrs was was full. People were sitting on the floor. Including me at 75 yrs old. It was a very bad experience and harmful to the good reputation of Swiss Trains. First class was also full. I could not manage so changed trains at St.Margarethan then Zurich, then Bern then Lausanne to Gland. Arriving very late in Gland.
I had to run for each change i.e. in Zurich in Bern and in Lausanne. This was a very unhappy experience.

My ticket should be reimbursed for  return journeyi.e. Bregenz to Gland.


Frequent Traveller

Hello @Jschiewe 

I am sorry to hear about the bad experience you made aboard the Swiss trains.

Kindly note:

  • A ticket includes the transportation from A to B, there is never a guarantee of a seat. Therefore, a refund of your ticket is not possible as you have arrived at your destination.
  • During peak hours, or when many travelers accidentally take the same connection, it might be the case that people have to stand in the aisle or sit on the floor, as long as the safety is not concerned. The railway companies always try to answer the increased demand at weekends and during the peak travel season by increasing the number of seats available. However, if this exceptionally affects a single train, a short-term expansion of seat capacities is not possible for logistical reasons. Frankly, I regret that nobody has offered you their seat to you; this is a matter of decency and respect towards the elderly. Unfortunately, decency and respect are increasingly lacking in our society.
  • To have a guaranteed seat, you can reserve your seat on EC and IC trains upfront. This way, you will always have a seat.
  • On, when looking up the timetable, as part of the "Advanced search", there is the possibility to set a longer transfer time. By using this setting, the timetable will only offer connections which allow more transfer time at each station.


In the hope you will experience more relaxed travels on Swiss trains in the future, kindly yours,


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