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Swiss Travel Pass details

New Author

When going to order the Swiss Travel Pass, it shows 'Half Fare Card' to the left and then lists the 3 day, 4 day etc.  Do I need to purchase a Half Fare card too?  I am from USA

Also, how far in advance can I purchase the Swiss Travel Pass?

I see 'Travelcards' and also 'SwissPass'  and I am assuming I need to go to the Travelcards section, correct?

I am purchasing 32 individual tickets for my many can I order at one time?  

     Can I send them all to my email address for printing?  Would be a lot easier.

Thank You,  Dora 



Hi @Dora

A swisspass card is not a travelcard. It's a data medium. We use the swisspass card to download subscriptions for the public transport on it.

But since you live in USA and will be here for a short time, you don't actually need a swisspass card. If you want to purchase single tickets for a reduced price, you can get yourself a Half-Fare travelcard for customers from abroad: 

Swiss Half Fare Card – Switzerland at half the price | SBB

However, what I do advice you to do, is to register yourself online on so that you can be an online User of SwissPass.

In Switzerland, 10 or more people travelling together is a group. You can give you a group ticket for a discounted fare and it includes a free seat reservation, but the journeys must be booked in advance ! 

You can make the group reservation here : Group tickets | SBB

For any further questions please, call us, since our community is not the correct plattform for price informations or bookings and etc. So if you want to be advised individually, please call our Contact Center 0041 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min). If you are calling from abroad and this number doesn't work, please try 0041 51 225 78 00. 

Have a nice day. EllenvS.


Ellen, Thank you.You don't know how much I appreciate your help being so unfamiliar with train system in Europe/Switzerland!  Really appreciate.   I wish to make the Group Ticket reservation (32 people) of a   Swiss Travel Card for 3 days.  My question is...  if I do this, then will each individual have their own card with their own name?  or will it be a 'group' and I, as group leader, will always have to go with them?  What would be needed to enter the details... Name on Passport and Date of Birth?  is passport# needed? 

Thank you for the phone number 0041 51 225 78 00 this will also cost .08 per minute?  

I do have an sbb signin

Hi @Dora 

Please do not confuse the Half-Fare travelcard with the group ticket. 

The Half-Fare Card is personal and each adult should decide for themselves whether or not to have a Half-Fare Card. The Half-Fare Card gives one person the right to buy tickets at a reduced price. 

The group ticket is for that one trip you mentioned. Even if no one would have a Half-Fare Card, we would still sell you a group ticket because of the number of people departing together. Also, the conditions of sale for group tickets are always the same, regardless if someone has the Half-Fare Card or not: 30% discount on the normal price, free seat reservation, etc.  

It may be a bit difficult to explain everything here. Please have another look at the links I mentioned in my last post, we have als FAQ, and if you still have questions, please call us.

If you call 0041 51 225 78 00, you will be charged the local cost of the call. 

I wish you the best. EllenvS.