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Super Saver Ticket Purchase

New Author


I have purchased x2 Super Saver Tickets for travel from Basel to Bern next week. One ticket was 20.60 CHF and the other 13.40, total 34 CHF.

I've now realized that I would have to have a half fare travel card to have qualified for purchasing these tickets. Or is the 20.60 CHF ticket bought, the correct price?

Can I pay the difference on the train? I'm sorry but I've been confused by your passes/offers etc (I am from the UK).

I also want x2 tickets to get back to Basel on the same day, please can you advise what correct tickets I would need to purchase?

I don't want to buy a travel card as I am not a regular traveller in your country and it wouldn't be cost effective as I'm only there two days.

Please can anyone offer the best advice in this situation?

Thank you.

Andy H.

New Author
I've resolved this now. On setting up a profile on the SBB site, I mistakenly stated in my 'other passengers' details that one had a half fare travelcard, when they don't. I've since amended this and purchased a full fare ticket for that person. I would assume I cannot get a refund on the 1/2 fare ticket I purchased? @AndyH 
Traveller (platinum)

Hello @AndyH 

If you have purchased a ticket with a half-fare reduction you can add another 1/2-fare standard ticket (not supersaver-fare) to your ticket in order to make it valid. Two half-Price tickets are valid as one full price ticket for People without reduction card.


Greetings, ValerieS