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Seat reservation on first class

New Author

Hi there,

I bought multiple single tickets, all of them point-to-point first class. Is there a way to make a seat reservation on the same day of travel? I did find an option to reserve seats on some journeys, though it seems to be just a fee, there is no seat selection.


Hi @juanp 

Thank you for your question. 

It really depends on the exact journey, but usually no, it is not possible to select a seat. 

The fee guarantees you a place in the desired class, but you cannot choose which one exactly.

If you buy more seat reservations together, the seats will automatically be assigned next to each other, depending on availability.

I wish you a nice day



I purchased four point-to-point tickets in first class, Zurich Airport to Zermatt on 26 December. Are we guaranteed a seat on that train? If so, would we be with our children?


Secondly, what if we miss that train? I am allowing two hours from airplane landing to the train departure. If we miss it, what happens then?


Thank you

Hello @WendyJS 

Thank you for your query.

On IC trains, you can buy a seat reservation per person separately in addition to the route tickets. In the InterRegio and Regio trains no reservation can be made.

If through your own fault (e.g. flight delay) you do not reach the booked train connection, you must buy a new ticket (does not apply to normal price tickets). If you miss your connection due to a delayed train, you can use the existing ticket for the next connection. Seat reservations are valid only on the booked train. You can find more information here:

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot!