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Saver Day pass without GA Travelcard

New Author


I am a tourist visiting Switzerland March 22. I have purchased a Saver Day pass from Geneve Airport to Zermatt. 

Will I be able to travel without a GA Travelcard?

Thank you.


Hello @andchr 

No, you don't need a GA Travelcard to use your ticket. 

Have a good day. 

Kind regards, AferditaH

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Hi @andchr 

Sorry but I don't quite understand your question.

If you don't have a reduction (discount Card), it is important to choose “Full price without the Half Fare Travelcard” otherwise your card is not valid.

More information under the following link 

I wish you a good afternoon.

Kinds regards, NicolasK

Hi NikolasK,

Thank you for your swift response.

  1. I have search for the connection I wanted (March 22 Geneve Airport -> Zermatt)
  2. I then completed the Passenger details. At the Discount cards drop down list, I have chosen 'No discount'. I have not chosen Half Fare Travelcard, as I don't have one.
  3. During the next step, Saver Day Pass was preselected from the system. Other available choices were Point-to-point Ticket and Supersaver Ticket.

In the Saver Day pass terms and conditions it is mentioned that Saver Day Passes 'are available with or without a Half Fare travelcard'.

Upon purchase of the ticket I have received the same in my email indicating: 'The Saver Day Pass is valid for travel on GA Travelcard area routes in the relevant class.'

So, the question still stands. Will I need to have a GA Travelcard to use the ticket?

This topic here is also relevant, where somebody else actually had the same question without receiving a clear answer though. 

Thank you.

Hello @andchr 

No, you don't need a GA Travelcard to use your ticket. 

Have a good day. 

Kind regards, AferditaH