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Question about 15 day swisspass and my travel destinations.

New Author

I went over the map, but just wanted to make sure I understood it completely.  If I started my trip in Konstanz, Germany, my trip to Lucerne would be covered by the swiss travel pass, correct?  I plan to go from there to Wengen. 

In Wengen, some of the trips up the mountain would be at 50% off with the pass, correct?

From Wengen, I will be travelling to Fiesch.  It looks like everything would be covered except for the trip between Spiez and Brig.  


Then, from Fiesch to Zermatt, and finally, from Zermatt to Geneva.

I tried rail europe's website where it lets you input that you will be using the swiss travel pass, however tickets would not pop up if you used this option.  Do you need to reserve seats for each journey, or simply show up and show the rail pass?


Thanks so much!

Traveller (gold)





The Swiss Travel Pass for 15 days is valid between Konstanz – Lucerne and Wengen.


For the Jungfrau Railways special conditions apply, more information about the exact prices can be found here:



The routes Wengen to Spiez, Brig , Fiesch, Zermatt and Geneva is covered.


On the Map of validity the route Spiez - Visp (Brig) is only shown with dashed lines because of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, but the Swiss Travel pass is valid.


The area of validity:



It is not necessary to make seat reservations on the trains in Switzerland, except on touristic trains:



Simply show the Swiss Travel Pass.


Have a nice trip.


Kind Regards Kilian







Thanks! Am I right in reading that Konstanz to Lucerne works, even though Konstanz is in Germany?
Traveller (platinum)

Hello @uadm,

Yes, that’s correct. Here you’ll find the map of validity: