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Paying by Visa Card

New Author

I am trying to pay for my order using a Visa Card, however I keep getting an error 404 message, saying that DataTrans is not available. Is there another way I can pay for my tickets if I am in Australia? Thank You.

New Member

J'ai exactement le même souci et je suis en France. Pas de décalage horaire et le même message d'erreur 404 lié à Datatrans. J'ai essayé avec une Visa et une MasterCard. J'ai essayé avec différents navigateurs, pc, téléphone...... Rien ne fonctionne. J'ai contacté ma banque et il n'y a aucun problème de leur côté . Ça vient bien donc de chez vous ! Il est temps de réagir !!!

J’ai réessayé aujourd’hui et j’ai pu comme par magie acheter mon billet…

le système doit être incohérent , mais ça a marché aujourd’hui pour moi 

New Author

Hi - 

I am in the UK and also facing this issue, it says "HTTP Status 404 The requested resource could not be found."

I tried changing the timezone on my computer but no luck. Now I have to go even on to a new browser to get to the payment page - if I go back it just has a blank page with the normal sbb footer.

Please help as I want to buy the tickets sooner in case the fare goes up


Hello @shellclay @James1 

If the purchase via our website does not work out, your only option is to buy the tickets at a staffed counter after your arrival in Switzerland.

I apologize for all inconveniences and wish you an excellent weekend.

Kind regards, RahelW


New Member

Hi NicolasK,

I am running into the same problem and same error.

I have tried using multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge), however all of them result in the same error.

Is there another solution or way to pay besides datatrans?

Kind Regards,


I was able to get around this error message by changing the time on my device to Swiss time.  Hope this helps


Hi @shellclay 

Thank you for your request.

Does your credit card use «3-D Secure Code» as a security element? If so, a page will appear during the payment process requesting identification (password, SMS, fingerprint, Face ID or Transactions App). This will clearly identify you as the cardholder. This pop-up window is automatically blended in by your credit card company and is not governed by the SBB.

I advise you to try again with another browser, maybe that's the solution.

For further queries regarding payment using your credit card, please contact your credit card company.

I wish you a good evening.

Kind regards


It can'tbe my bank blocking the pop up window as the error message I am getting is 404 - which means the website (Datatrans) is unavailable or has been removed.  I have heard many people in Australia are having this problem.  I have tried multiple browsers, mulitple devices, and have tried using a VPN with a Switzerland IP address and still no success.  I can enter my credit card details to make the payment, but my browser then says there is no DataTrans website to verify my credit card details.  This is a browser issue, not being able to connect with DataTrans.  Is there another way to make payment for tickets if I am in Australia?