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One ticket, different operators


Hi - would it be possible to use same ticket for one train operator (i.e. RJX) on another train operated by another operator (i.e. ICE). Asking only as if I miss the train, it means that I can travel to the same destination with the next train and with the same original ticket. 



Hi. I'm a bit confused... When I'm trying to order the ticket that will allow me to get another train to the same destination, I got 2 options which looks to be the same?!

Mit Halbtax: (Billettwahl Hinfahrt): Streckenbillette: Gültig für die gewählte Strecke im öffentlichen Verkehr (18.5 CHF)

Vollpreis: (Billettwahl Hinfahrt): Gültig für die gewählte Strecke im öffentlichen Verkehr  (37 CHF)





That's make sense! Here's the planned itniery (didnt buy tickets yet): 

Buchs SG to Zurich HB
Sunday, April 9th, 2023. Departure 12:11 (RJX).

Hello @Elel1 

During the booking process of the ticket, it will show you the different fares (savings or normal fare). As @RolandP  explained well, you are train-dependent with the saver fares.
Read the terms and conditions of purchase.

Have a good day.
Greetings ZoeS

Frequent Traveller

Hello @Elel1 

This is partially correct. The train operator is not relevant; the tickets are valid with any operator.

However, whether you can use any train depends on the type of your ticket. Only tickets at normal fare allow you to use any train at any time. Saver tickets and Supersaver tickets (e.g. Sparpreis Europa) are tied to the itinerary as printed on your ticket. You must adhere to that itinerary. Travelling with a saver offer, you are only allowed to use another connection in the event where the previous train was late. If you miss the connection, and it was your fault because you went shopping and missed the departure time, you have to buy a new ticket.

To provide you a more detailed answer, please share your itinerary with us.

Best regards,

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