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My passport given name vs half fare card first name


I bought a saver day pass and half fare card today. I entered first and last name, date of birth and country correctly. However, online form didn't have middle name. Thus, I didn't enter it. My passport has first name and middle name as given name. Do you think it would work or do I need my saver day pass and half fare card corrected? Please advise.

If they need correction, how do I get it done?

Thank you,



Hello @Zarnamistry 

Thank you for your request.

First and last name are sufficient, you don't need to enter the middle name. SBB only asks for first and last name. Did you buy the offer through a third party?

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,

Thank you very much, @LeaG! I bought it from SBB. You are correct SBB asked for first and last names and that is what I entered. However, I read somewhere that the name should match the passport. My passport only has a given name and last name. The last name matches, however, the given name has my first and middle name so it will have an extra word compared to the first name I entered on SBB. That's why I was worried. I got a half-fare card for myself and my husband, and a family card for my daughter, and enter everyone's first and last names only. while everyone's passport has a given name, which includes the first and middle name. 

Hopefully, we will not be fined for not matching the name completely. The date of birth, and last names are correct. 

Thank you,




Traveller (platinum)

Hi @Zarnamistry 

If your surname and last name are entered correclty, and just your middle name is missing, I think that it will work.

I wish you a nice stay in Switzerland!

LG, uebe

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Thank you, Uebe! Just to confirm:

My passport has:

Given name: first and middle name separated by space

Last name: same as saverpass and half fare card

Date of birth: ame as saverpass and half fare card

Nationality: ame as saverpass and half fare card

First name on saver day pass and half fare card: only first name.

Is this okay? Is there a way to correct or this is normal scenario?big I buy more day passes, what should I enter for first name? Match half fare card or given name from passport?