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How to purchase tickets in advance using Swiss half fare card

New Author


I am travelling to Switzerland in June 2022 for about 10 days and I have purchased "swiss half fare card" valid for 1 month. How can I use this while buying tickets for intercity journeys in Switzerland. If I try buying ticket on SBB website I do not see how/where to enter this information (that I am holding swiss half fare card) so that I can get the discount. Looking forward to the members expert advise. Thank you.  

New Author

Hi Fatima,

Thank you indeed for your reply, this will help. 



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New Author

Hi Fatima,

Thank you indeed for your reply, this will help. 




Hello @PU 

Thank you for your query.

You must adjust the discount when specifying the traveling person. After that you will get the reduced price.


I wish you a pleasant stay within Switzerland.

Kind regards,

Hello, MOD

As the picture that you shown, you choosen "Half Fare Travelcard". But I bought a Swiss Half Fare Card which is for non-swiss resident. As I googled in SBB CFF FFS Site, Half Fare Travelcard and Swiss Half Fare Card should be different thing, the price are different. What should I do?

Swiss Half Fare Card – Switzerland at half the price | SBB


The Half Fare Travelcard on the SwissPass | SBB



Hi @ming_bai 

They are two different products because they are available for different target groups (residents vs international guests), but they both give the same advantage: to travel for half of the price. You may select "half fare travelcard" by discount cards as well.


I wish you a nice day.


Thank you Fatima and Eleonora. Finally found the answer I was looking for. Just to reconfirm I can book ticket on the app/website using Half Fare Travel Card as discount option and just show the Half Fare Card (tourist one) if needed? Its how the website works legally? Just want to avoid any issues later.

I think I'm facing the same problem. Did you already travel? is it work to use the half fare travel card button to book the ticket instead? is there any problem?

I will be travelling next month. But hopefully this will work