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How do i get this GA swiss past ? (credible easy step by step info please)

New Author

Please explain clearly & dont give a Corporate reply, I am in Australia, & will come to Swizzerland, what is this GA pass & how do i get one ? i will travel from Buchs SG to Zurich on 21st Oct, then Zurich to Zermatt, then Zermattt to Gornergrat, then return back to Zurich, on the 22nd Oct, can i do these 5 train trips on GA pass ? & how do I get one ? and how does it work when i book tickets online ?


please be clear in your reply please, many thanks Glin




Hi @Timothy1 

thank you very much for your question. 

A GA pass is a contract, valid at least 6 months, allowing holders to travel everywhere in Switzerland when it is valid. This is not the best option for tourists. 

Depending on how long you are staying and how often you are travelling, there are different options that work for you:

-you can buy day passes: with this much advance you can get saver day passes. Those are tickets valid all day everywhere in Switzerland and you can get them online: Saver Day Pass – book earlier, travel cheaper | SBB

.you can purchase a Swiss Travel Pass: Swiss Travel Pass – the All-in-one-Ticket for Switzerland | SBB Tje best option would be the one for three days. 

If you have any further question, please call our colleagues at the SBB Contact Center (0041 848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min), available 24/7. 

I wish you a nice day


HI thanks for the reply, I have one more question please, does this 3 day pass also work on the train from Zermatt to Gornergrat Return to Zermatt ?

I want to catch a train from

Buchs SG to Zurich 21st October

Zurich to Zermatt (Return) 22nd October 

Zermatt to Mount Matterhorn (Return) 22nd October, another words train to Mt Matterhorn from Zurich return,

can I do these trips with the 3 - day pass ? and how does it work ? do i buy the pass first, then i choose my 3 days & book these train trips online & use the pass code or number to book ? 


I wait for your reply 🙂 

Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @Timothy1 

Yes, you can make these trips like that. I recommend you buy the pass and then check the trips to see if a seat reservation is necessary. For help and advice with this offer, please contact +41 51 225 78 00.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.