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Does SBB app account for GA when buying tickets?

New Author

Dear SBB!i recently bought a GA, associated with my SwissPass. My swisspass is linked in my SBB app and I can display it. It has been checked successfully by train masters several times.

Now, when I select train routes within Switzerland, I am still offered a prominent button to buy a ticket. Why is that, if the app is aware I have a GA?

Also, and I come to the more important point: I frequently need to buy an upgrade to first class. This is basically the only meaningful option I would expect to have available, but it’s actually the only one I do NOT find in the list (including More ticket options).

This makes me suspect that my SBB app is aware of the SwissPass, but not aware that there is a GA associated with that SwissPass.

So, two questions:

1) How di I buy, in the SBB Preview app, an upgrade to first class for a trip from A to B within Switzerland, provided that I have a GA on my SwissPass?

2) how do I tell the SBB app that I have a GA?

thank you!


Hello @MicheleM

On the app you can buy also tickets for other passengers. That’s the reason why the buy button is still there.

1. You can add the trip from A to B in the timetable. Then you chose the connection and under "My Settings" > "Travelers" or in the step “Ticket Option“you can change the reduction “1/2”. You only need a half price class upgrade. 

2. You do not have to tell the app, that you have a GA. 

I wish you a nice day.


Thankyou Fatima, I have a similar query which you have partly answered.  So does that mean with a GA I cannot reserve a ticket (i.e. seat) using the App?  I just have to show up and find any unbooked seat on the train?

Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @ninanoodle 

No, anyone can make a seat reservation, GA or not. The price remains the same and GA owners do not pay less for the seat. Simply select "Other tickets and reservations" in the ticket options and buy the reservation. Otherwise you can also buy them at

Have a nice day.

Greetings, VlaznimA.