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Cannot purchase Swiss Youth Flex travel passes - Datatrans payment error

New Author

Hello, I'm trying to purchase 3 x Swiss Youth Flex travel passes (8 days in the month) for our upcoming trip through Switzerland in mid-June.

After entering my payment card details, I click 'Restore Purchase'; instead of processing the transaction, I am taken to a new web-page which displays the error message, 'Datatrans HTTP Status 404 - the requested resource could not be found'. No money is taken out of my account, but I am unable to purchase the tickets.

I have tried using my partner's account but have not had any success yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New Member

Hi I am receiving the exact same error. I have tried with both a mastercard and a visa card on multiple devices and browsers and the datatrans system still doesn't accept it. I do not believe my cards uses a 3-D Secure Code (certainly no page appears). I am based in London so cannot head to my nearest railway station ticket office to purchase a ticket. Will I be able to purchase a ticket on the day of travel, and will this be the same price as advertised on the website?

Hello @thomaswood391 ,

Thank you for your request.

In such a case, close the page, delete the browsing history and finally open the page in a new browser, if this does not work, please contact your bank, it may be that they have a special internet purchase protection. The cost of point-to-point tickets is exactly the same online as at the SBB counter at the train station, so yes you can buy it only when you are in Switzerland. Except for savings offers, these are only available online.

I wish you a nice day
Friendly Regards MelanieD


Hello @RobDendle 

Does your credit card use «3-D Secure Code» as a security element? If so, a page will appear during the payment process requesting identification (password, SMS, fingerprint, Face ID or Transactions App). This will clearly identify you as the cardholder. This pop-up window is automatically blended in by your credit card company and is not governed by the SBB. Many times, it doesn't work because of that and also i would recommend you to change the browser.

It is not possible to use your payment card for bookings on We recommend that you use a different payment card or that you purchase your tickets at your nearest railway station ticket office.

For further queries regarding payment using your credit card, please contact your credit card company. 

Greetings, AuroraD.