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Cannot Purchase International Ticket from Australia



I cannot purchase any tickets from Australia on SBB website for a train between Zurich HB and Como S Giovanni for July 2023.

I keep getting a HTTP Status 404 error from datatrans stating "The requested resource could not be found".

I've had this error for local tickets too; but I have been able to by-pass it by using the app and using apple pay. Unfortunately, applepay cannot be used for international tickets.

I have tried using multiple mastercards, different browsers, different computers, different people and nothing works. The same error is received.

I've had this issue for multiple days and nothing seems to work and I would really like to buy my ticket as soon as possible before they sell out.


Hi @tonmoii

I'm sorry to hear that it wasn't possible to book from Website and that I reply so lately. First of all, I hope that your trip went well!?

Secondly, I've been informed about that, and I have already sent the case internally for a check.

May I be so spoiled to come back to you in case of need or questions? 

Would be nice. Thanks a lot for letting us know the issue you had! 

@shellclay Tanks for your work around as suggestion. We have to fix this in order that this is not necessary. 😉

Best regards,

Romano Schneider

Customer Success Manager 

New Author

I found if I changed the time on my device to the local Swiss time I was able to bypass this error message and complete the payment.  I am booking from Australia also, and got the 404 Error message repeatedly.  When I changed the time on my computer to Swiss time, I was able to purchase straight away.  Hope it works for you too.


I called contact center and they said it is the payment provider.

The option that worked for me was using a 3rd party (Tren Italia) and booking my tickets through them