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Birthdate wrong, how do I change the birthday on the ticket?


Hello, I'm writing because I just bought a ticket from the SBB website, and after looking at the tickets, noticed that the birthdate for one of the birthdays was incorrect. I have tried to call all your phone numbers, but none of them work. I saw that I can refund the ticket through a form, but it will charge me an extra 10 dollars. I just want to change the birthdate, not be charged 10 dollars for an issue caused by the website dropdown menus. I also tried to refund the tickets immediately, but it didn't work. Is there someone I can email instead of call, as I cannot get in touch with any of the phone lines? Guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I am in the US, if that helps. Thank you!


Dear @ccz und @jjharner 

I just wanted to reach out for saying that you helped us a lot in finding out this bug. It was everything but easy to find out why, but we now know and we are implementing. Quite difficult to explain the cause in a few words, but the issue is delivered from a dismatched Format translation of the date input that at the same time converts also the time zone (but only when a timezone is not known). Therefore we could't explain to us (at that time) the fact that we hadn't a larger amount of other similar feedbacks.   

I'm sorry that you had to experience the consequences of this bug.

Many many thanks for the support on that! Hope that you had a lovely stay in Switzerland. 


Best regards,


Customer Success Manager 

Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @jjharner and @ccz 

In principle, this is not a big problem. A small difference from 02.05. to 01.05. is not bad. However, if the name is not correct, you will need new tickets. You can go to a staffed SBB ticket counter when you arrive in Switzerland and have the tickets confirmed by means of an ID card so that you do not have any problems on the train. You can find the opening hours of the stations on: Our stations – shops, services, opening hours | SBB

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.


Can anyone help with this issue? Our trip is coming up soon. We need to solve it before leaving. Thank you.

New Author

I had the same issue where I would enter a birthday then it would "subtract" a number from the day when I clicked out of the box. I "added" a day to each birthday so that it would display correctly. I confirmed all of the birthdays displayed correctly then I purchased the tickets and all of the tickets now show the birthdays with one extra day added. For example, I enter a birthday of "02/05/1992" for May 2nd, 1992 and as soon as I click out of the box, it changes it to "01/05/1992." Apparently I need to have my tickets refunded which they will not let me do online other than paying 10 CHF per ticket which I am not going to do because it is SBB's issue. I have also Tweeted at them and messaged them on Twitter to try to resolve this. I am going to try the service number next but it's shameful I have to pay per minute to talk to someone when it is their website bug.

I'll do the same. Let me know if you get any updates please! I will as well on my end.