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Supersaver ticket refund

New Member

Hello, I bought 3 tickets with wrong date and time by mistake last night.  I go to ticket counter and ask for refund, but the staff say refund is not applicable to supersaver ticket while I can see refund is made from this forum.  May I know how I can make it?


Wrong date and time: 29 July (Mon), 9:05

Correct date.and time: 28 July (Sun), 7:05

Ticket number:

1) 460941695710

2) 791889510504

3) 676338441876


Please help ASAP.  Thanks in advance


Re: Supersaver ticket refund


Hi @Amy1 

Thank you for your request

From here I can't help you. Please contact our staff directly at +41 848 44 66 88. My colleagues can help you.

Best regards