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How can I buy a ticket for a different time to the one the app offers?

New Author

I am using the SBB app to buy a 24 hour ticket but I want to buy a ticket for a train/tram earlier than the APP gives me.
For example if I want to travel from Zurich Oerlikerhus to Zurich HB at 1.30 the app gives me the option of a zone 110 ticket (see attachment 1330) (OK so far)
However after Zurich HB (e.g. in the evening) I want to continue on to Wallisellen (Zone 121).
If I put in Zurich Oerlikerhus to Zurch HB then Wallisellen (to force the app to give me the ticket for 110 and 121) it gives me the option on 13.36.
If I buy that ticket I cannot get on the tram at 1330.

Is there an easy way to change the start time (to 1330 in this example) or to change the ticket to "valid from now" or in the first case to easily change the zone from 110 to 110+121.




Hi @00tony 

Buying tickets via the timetable offers you certain advantages: you always have the right ticket for the route you want to travel on. However, the validity period always begins with the departure time of the selected timetable.

Manual adjustments are possible via the website.

Kind regards

New Author

Hi Sandra,

I disagree, you always have the correct ticket for the route the app gives you which is not necessarily the one you want.