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Additional zones purchase? Only limited choices

New Member
Dear all,

Was trying to buy additional zones for 3 zones, upon a specific route search, which showed that i need to pass 4. Since 110 was included in my monthly pass, was trying to find an option to purchase 3. Only showed me one option with 4.
On the SBB ATM, you can choose, here on the mobile app, there is only one selection available.
I downloaded now the ZVV app, where you can purchase singe zones.
Is this only an error on mine? The ticket officer could not give me a clear answer.
Its a ripp off, since you pay far more than on the ATM for the exact amount of zones you need.

Re: Additional zones purchase? Only limited choices



 In order to analyse your problem, please send the following information to

What is your username in the SBB Ticket Shop / SBB Mobile?:
Mobile phone maker (Samsung, Nokia, Apple, etc.):
Mobile phone model (Galaxy S5, Lumia 900, iPhone 6, etc.):
What operating system (including its version) is running on your mobile phone?:
Which version of SBB Mobile is installed on your mobile phone?:
Time of the incident (date/time):
Detailed problem report (including screenshot if possible):
Steps executed until the error appears?
  - Which schedule has been selected?
  - Which ticket has been selected (class, outward/return, full-/half fare)?:
  - Amount of the purchase?

Kind regards

Thanking you in advance for the effort.

Re: Additional zones purchase? Only limited choices

New Author

Hello SBB,

please could you provide reason why standalone option to buy extension tickets is still rejected to be implemented as it was in the old application?

most of users know very well how many zones they need to buy