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return journey ticket

New Author

I just realised that sbb cff now automatically suggests to purchase a 2-hour zvv ticket when the traveller chooses a return ticket to navigate from A to B across some zones of Zurich. This 2 hour ticket costs with half fare discount 8.60, whilst the traveller would theoretically be entitled to travel 24 hours for 6.80 by purchasing the daily zvv ticket. This alternative ticket, whilst available, is listed further below in the menu and as a result the sbb app user may not see it and will buy a 2 hour ticket that is more expensive and less useful.

Is this the latest scam of sbb to get more out of their loyal but candid daily travellers or a recently appeared error of the app which doesn't automatically proposes the cheapest and most convenient solution to their users?

Re: return journey ticket

Traveller (platinum)

Hallo @SV1,

You must choose the option, round-trip in order to obtain a 24-hour day ticket.

Return trip.jpgIf you need more informations please contact us.

Have a nice day