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question on saver day pass

New Author


I just purchased five saver day passes for my family (me, wife, and three children 8, 11, 13).

The adult ticket cost CHF 52 each and the children ones are CHF 49 each. I was very surprise to see children's pass shows "2. Class, Reduced fare 1/2", while adult one shows "2. Class , Full fare". Can you tell me what is the "reduced fare 1/2" mean? 

Also, since there is actually children's day pass for the same pass, why the system is not showing CHF 19 instead of CHF 49? Is it possible for me to switch at this time?

Thank you.



Hi @pjp 

Thank you for your request

Children from 6 to 16 years old benefit from the reduced tariff ("reduced fare 1/2").

For children under 16, i recommend you the Day Pass Children (

If the journey has not started: If you buy a new ticket, you can get the discount tickets refunded. (deductible CHF 10.00).
If the journey has already been made: There is no refund possible.

You can find all information about the refund of Supersaver Tickets here: 

Best regards

Hello Nicolas,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I am glad that the “reduced fare 1/2” was not a mistake.

My travel has not yet started so I’m interested in switching to child day pass to save cost. I checked the refund page for the saver day pass but couldn’t find a reason matching my situation.

Can you let me know which option should I choose when I request for a refund. Also do I need to purchase the children day pass first, before I can apply for the refund of saver day pass?

thanks again for your help,


Hello @pjp 

Yes, I would recommend you to buy the children day pass first and then request the refund of the booking on this website:

For further informations you can also call our Contact Center +41 (0)848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min.).

Kind regards, VlaznimA.