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linking 4 days Swiss travel pass for tourist to SBB mobile account

New Member



I bought a 4 day Swiss Travel pass for tourist.  I want to link this to sbb mobile so that its easier.  However, they are asking customer no. and I cant see to find my customer number.  I only have ticket no for the pass. What should I do?  How can I input or link it to the sbb mobile app?



New Author

I was chatting with csutomer service from sbb and the answer i got was that i don't see the travel pass on sbb is because our travel is not until september. This doesn't sound right and seems weird and unsure if others got the same reason on why thy don't see the travel pass on sbb mobile.


Hello @rubypalma03 

Thank you for your request.

Have you bought your Swiss Travel Pass on with a SwissPass-Login, displaying the pass on SBB Mobile is possible. The pass is shown under the valid tickets, you don't need a customer number to link it.

Orders done without a login cannot be displayed in the SBB App. In this case, please print out the ticket or show the confirmation e-mail to our staff during ticket inspection.

I wish you a good day.

Kind regards LeaG


Hey, I did buy my swiss travel pass tickets for me and my family yesterday with a swisspass account. Even after buying my tickets through swisspass account i still cannot see my swiss travel pass on sbb mobile app.

I can't figure out a way on how to get the tickets. I am able to see the order when I login into my swisspass account. Any help is appreciated.


Frequent Traveller

Hello @rubypalma03 

Post-purchase it is not possible to link the Swiss Travel Pass with the SBB Mobile App.

In order to make the Swiss Travel Pass appear in the app, you must have bought the pass from the SBB webshop.

Furthermore, to buy tickets and view them in your app, you must have created a SwissPass account before purchase and being logged-in during purchase. Later you have to log-in in the SBB Mobile App using the same credentials.

How to display the pass if not from the SBB Mobile app? Store your pass as PDF on your mobile phone and show it as such to the conductor.

Best regards,

Antwort hilfreich? Danke für deinen Like oder Markierung als Lösung :: Reply helpful? Thank you for giving it a like or mark it as solution.

I did the same as suggested but still don't see the tickets on sbb mobile application and can't figure out why.

Hello @ppakala ,

So in this case please call us under following number if your calling from Switzerland: Tél. 0848 44 66 88
(CHF 0.08/min)

If your calling from abroad:

+41 51 225 78 00

I wish you a nice day
Kind regards MelanieD