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link Swiss half fare card to SBB mobile app

New Member

I am a non- EU resident having a Swiss half fare card issued by RailEurope valid for one month. I have the physical card in hand. However, when I try to upload the half fare card to my SBB mobile app, it asked for 10 digits customer number, which I can’t find on the half fare card.  The Swiss fare card only shows a CIV no which is 9 digits followed by “*A”. There is REA number too. May I know how I shall link my Swiss half fare card to the SBB mobile app? Thanks

Re: link Swiss half fare card to SBB mobile app


Hello @Sleaf 

The deposit of the Half-Fare travelcard is only possible with a SwissPass card (red plastic card). The Swiss Half Fare Card cannot be deposited in the app.  

You can change the reduction under "My Settings" > "Travelers" or in the step “Ticket Option“. Please click on “Edit travelers“ (see attachment).

The reduced price is not automatically calculated even if the SwissPass is registered in the app SBB Mobile.

Kind regards

Re: link Swiss half fare card to SBB mobile app

New Member

Dear Manuela Pf,


i would like to deposit my Half fare card for 2.5 months months. What is the procedure and how much should I pay for it? Would I get extended the validity of my half care card for 2.5 months? 

Thabk you in advance for your support,

best regards,

Angela L

Re: link Swiss half fare card to SBB mobile app


Hello @AngelaL 

Thank you for your query.

The Half Fare Card cannot be deposited. This is only possible for the general subscription.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,