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Worst experience ever

New Member

I’m in Switzerland for couple of days, I went from Zurich to Geneva to spend the night and come back the next day, I arrived at Geneva 10 PM. I paid ticket from Zurich —> Geneva  & Geneva —> Zurich


In the train back next day (less than 24 hours, inspectors told me the ticket has expired and made me pay a new one!)

She didn’t consider that I’m a foreigner for couple of days and I don’t understand the app, she fined me anyway though I already paid and never used what I paid for!

There has to be some understanding from people who are outside the country.. I didn’t make anything wrong and I still purchased twice a huge amount of money.. 170 CHF then 99 CHF..

I live in Dubai for so long, and inspectors would never ever do something like this for a tourist who just don’t know. It’s my worst train experience and I would never like to be there again.


Whoever is going there, please learn German to understand well and not to pay any ticket double price. 

Commuter (gold)

Hi @Ghadahaniisamra 

I am sorry to hear that you have had the wrong ticket. The ticket inspector was actually right, a return ticket is valid the same day only (until 5 AM the next day).

If you still feel that you were treated unfairly, please contact the SBB customer service, as we cannot do much for you on this platform:

Best regards,


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