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Where to file complaint for easy ride department if my report in the app keep getting ignored?

New Author

Hi all,

I tried several times to correct a ticket problems and asked for details about a trip with easy ride, using the function in the sbb mobile app "report a problem" or "submit feedback". The easy ride department first responded with very vague answer and says the ticket is correct, after I replied and said this ticket start is not correct and request for detailed timestamp, they either ignores my request or said we already answered you, which is not true since i never got an answer for the follow up question. This is honestly so disrespectful and unprofessional.


I filed a complaints in got no response after 2 weeks. And all the SBB mobile app feedback/report are either no answer or a reply that says we already answered you. Where can I file a complaint for this pattern of behaviour and actually get the ticket log data/ correct the ticket error? How could the customer service team be so irresponsible and unhelpful??!!