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Tickets booked online are not appearing in the mobile app

New Member
New Author

It's December 2022, and I still have the same problem

New Author

Yes, same problem here. I haven't been able to access tickets purchased online through SBB Mobile since August. SBB Mobile Preview is no better. Logout/login again and reinstalling both apps don't work; always 'You have not planned any trips'. I book international trips, and these purchases aren't allowed in SBB Mobile, so this bug makes this app worthless to me.

v7.3.1 (98), iOS 10.3.3

Thank you for your help.


Commuter (silver)

Hi there

We are aware of this error and are endeavouring to find a solution. 

If you're SwissPass account is linked with the TicketShop account, all tickets that have been purchased online should normally be displayed in the SBB Mobile app.

I recommend you to write an e-mail to and submit your user details.

Kind regards

Thank you, Sandral, for your reply. How can I be sure that my SwissPass and Ticket Shop accounts are linked? Many thanks
New Member

when I book international tickets (eg CH to Germany) the online system does not transfer the ticket to the app. I still have to print it out etc. Even if I refresh it does not work. Please fix


Hi @devashish @smi


That’s correct. The new web shop is supported from another system then the application.

That’s why the tickets are not appearing in the mobile app. The changement of the new system for the application will be at the end of September. Then you can see your online tickets in the mobile app.


Until then you have the possibility to show your ticket to the controller as follow:

  • you show the e-mail



  • you save the ticket on your phone



  • you print it out




Kind regards


Dear Manuela,

It is now February 2018 and I still cannot get international tickets bought online in the ticket shop transferred to my SBB app. In the online shop, it does say that it is a mobile ticket. Please help!

It is 11.02.2018 I am still having the same problem. I used to get my mobile ticket on an Android device. Now, after switching to Apple, non of my last 4 purchases is showing up (app is up to date, SwissPass account linked, purchase indicates a MobileTicket enabled).


Best regards,


Commuter (silver)

Hi KRenerts

I recommend you to write an e-mail to so that we can verify your account.


Thanks and kind regards



It's now end of October (2017) and this bug remains unresolved. Please provide a status update about when will it be fixed.

Hi  community,

since last week, ticket bought online is not appearing  in SBB mobile application. Is there any bug?



I am experiencing the same problem 😞

The same here . Thanks for the reply. Would have been helpful while on holiday in Switzerland next month 🚃

I experience the same problem.

Ticket (return) I purchased approx. an hour ago does not show up in the "SBB Mobile" app (iPhone) under "Trips and Tickets" - tells me under "Upcoming trips" that "You have not planned any trips". Note: Trip is on 2017-09-12.