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Synchronization problem between app and swisspass account

New Author


I have just renewed my half fare travel card and hence the problem I experienced with the app does not concern me. However to give useful feedback to the developers I present an issue I have found with the app : 

A few days ago my GA travelcard was cancelled and hence I had no travel cards on my swisspass account. Checking my account by following the link in the app "to swisspass account" showed that I had no travelcards on my account (which is normal/consistent with my actual situation) . However when purchasing a ticket for myself on the app, only allows me to purchase half fare tickets instead of full fare tickets. In the other words the app thought my account has a half fare travelcard, which wasn't the case. By digging into the app I found no way of removing the half fare travel card (reinstalling and logging out did not work). Therefore I deduced there must be a synchronization/consistency issue between the app and the actual account database. This can be problematic to some users which might not notice it and then get a fine for purchasing a half fare ticket when they do not own a half fare travel card

I hope this will be helpful for the IT department. 

Re: Synchronization problem between app and swisspass account


Hello @adrienprost 

Thank you for your feedback.

Even after synchronising the SwissPass card with the app, tickets can still be purchased for other travellers. The app does not automatically notice whether you have a Half-Fare travelcard or not. This can be changed in the settings themselves, since, as mentioned above, you can also buy tickets for people with or without discount. If you no longer have a Half-Fare travelcard, process the passenger. Click on "Settings" --> "Travelers". If you are already captured, click the pen on the far right and select "Manage manually added travelcards". Here you can remove the Half-Fare travelcard so that only the full price is displayed in future.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,


Re: Synchronization problem between app and swisspass account

New Author

Hello @AferditaH

It is possible that I did not explain clearly the issue. I did not wish to purchase tickets for other travelers, I wished to purchase tickets for myself -> hence for the passenger whose account is linked to the app. At the time I wanted to modify my own accoutn, I did not have access to the "manage manually added travelcards"  link, since the app thought I still had the GA travelcard. I do have access to this link now because my account has been refreshed with my new half fare travelcard. Hence your solution works in some cases, but depending on the situation of the passenger it does not work, so basically there are some inconsistencies.