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Swisspass login each time!

Traveller (bronze)
Why must I suddenly login to swisspass for each ticket purchase? This is annoying and an extra step. Suddenly the app is not so useful. 😡
New Author
I fully agree. Why has this changed? I feel it is less secure without fingerprint and these frequent changes on how to login/purchase make the eotherwise xcellent app less user friendly AND less secure.
Traveller (gold)

Hey @Hilbo

Go to Settings and activate the "simplified purchase under CHF 40.-" so that you don't have to write down your password each time.

Greetings Kilian




I switched the auto purchase off in the old app because I purchased the incorrect ticket by mistake. The touch sensor and the need to confirm the purchase were good safety valves. The SwissPass login proves no such feature and is a useless step. Since the upgrades I have had server errors, transactions rejected and the service just not available. Did anyone bother to test this or was the user base considered beta testers? What an embarrassment.
Traveller (bronze)

I agree, this app seems to have been created by a group of pals at the bistro. The invisibility of certain tickets (day pass for example) and the number of steps needed to buy a ticket appalls me,


With the Swisspass login I found out that under

- My Settings - Other Settings - Use Touch ID/fingerprint sensor

you are turning off the automatic purchase option.  Let's not discuss the stupidity (lack of imagination/foresight) of having to opt out of automatic purchases. 


I dont see an option "simplified purchase under CHF 40.-" in SBB app (7.3) any more. Now I have to login everytime which is very frustrating ...

What is the current way to enable this?

Traveller (bronze)

This new app was presented to « Us » (the Public and the Users) as one developed in a Collaborative Community Spirit. Obviously not everything « We » ask for can be implemented, but when you REMOVE functionality and do NOT inform your clients, you are reverting to the old-school attitude of opacity.  

I noticed, in the App Store,  that there are other complaints about functionality changes, which were not communicated either.D7FBE5CD-7A2E-4ABE-B14C-9D8A48106695.jpeg





Traveller (bronze)
Thanks, but this is not acceptable. I do want to confirm each purchase. Why doesn’t Touch ID work anymore?