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Super saver refund

New Member

 I am very disapp­ointed with your ans­wer to . Ref: CC11914076 / 921296540, reject of my request to refund tickets due to personal reasons related to COVID 19. 2 years in Switzerland me and my family spent a lot of money as a re­gular SBB clients be­cause we deliberately refused usage of cars. I was hoping SBB would support peop­le during this diffi­cult time, but unfor­tunately not.

 It turns out that I am presenting you cost of tickets, for a service you will not provide to me. Merry Chris­tmas poor SBB! Enjoy!

Re: Super saver refund


Hello @goskir 

Thank you for your feedback, however this is not the correct contact.

If you have any complaints, please feel free to contact our customer service: By phone +41 800 401 401 (free number) or by mail to

Thank you for your understanding.


Greetings, VlaznimA.