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SBB application improvements (Connectivity, dynamic content, information and basic map )

New Author

Hello SBB application team,

I have been a user of the SBB application since November of last year and I would like to mention some topics that I have detected and that would be interesting to take into consideration to improve the user experience, in addition to knowing your opinion on the matter if possible.

Connectivity between swisspass and SBB app

As a user, it would be important to be notified when a search is made for an itinerary if I am covered with the areas that I have contracted with my monthly subscription or not. Since in no case they notify me. Add at this point that the application offers me travel routes without considering my zone limitations.

Do you think it is appropriate to show all possible options regardless of which areas the user has contradatas. This can not resort to confusion or penalties for ignorance of the user?

Ticket payment

I have seen that the application after having the swisspass deactivated does not update the susceptible information and shows me the prices of the tickets at half price and not at full price. What makes the information wrong. Since in this case it would have to be the full payment of the ticket.

Do you think it would not be better for this information to be dynamic regarding different conditioning factors such as a bonus or zone? "You have to be a knowledgeable user of the different prices and services of SBB or SVV to realize this, otherwise you can resort to misunderstandings"

Visualization of map of zones in the application.

As much as I have reviewed the application, there is no access to the basic information of the map of the transport system zones and I think it is essential information for the user's day to day.

Do you think that this information is not relevant? Wouldn't it be interesting to incorporate it or see if it will be included on the route page?

Options that take you out of the application

Why are there many help options that refer you to the website and take you out of the application? Wouldn't it be interesting if the most relevant options such as the community or train problems were integrated into the application as notifications or warnings? of possible incidents?

As I said initially, my intention is to know your opinion on all these points and to be able to help in a constructive way to improve the existing application. I have suffered some reprimand for the simple ignorance of the zones or payment of reduced prices that were not easy to learn and I think that many users like me who use the application would be grateful if these improvements were implemented so that we all have the peace of mind that we are acting in accordance with the law.

I remain at your disposal for any questions or more information.
Joan Marti


Hello Campecha

Thank you for your detailed mail and the interesting feedback and input. I'm responsible for customer support in the SBB Mobile team, and in the business team I'm the interface between end customers, support departments and the development team.

Briefly, a few more facts about SBB Mobile.

SBB's strongest sales channel with 270,000 tickets sold per day
12 million downloads (all time)
3.5 million active users per month
2 million timetable queries per day
80,000 times per day the SwissPass is presented digitally with the app.
1.5 million subscriptions for the push service in case of disruptions in rail traffic

About your inputs:

Connectivity between swisspass and SBB app:

For the GA (whole area of validity) we can't do a comparison yet (except for EasyRide - there an error message appears and check-in is not possible). However, this is an important topic for us according to the current tasks.
When buying tickets in the tariff association (with an existing subscription), you will receive the connection ticket to the existing zones on your subscription in the second place (if available) in the ticket options.

Ticket payment

We work with the "from-price-system", so we can also show savings prices per connection. In addition, we do not know if users who are not logged in have a discount card that is not referenced on the SwissPass.

Visualization of map of zones in the application.

This is a very complex issue due to the variety of fare associations in Switzerland. We always weigh up the cost and benefit of new features. How can we offer an improvement to as many users as possible with as little effort as possible? This would certainly be an improvement for some of them, but it would require a lot of effort on our part. However, this idea is in our backlog for processing in the future.

Options that take you out of the application

We want to keep the app as lean and simple as possible. This information is already prepared in a central place, adjustments do not have to be made several times. In addition, the up-to-dateness is also ensured if adjustments only have to be made on the website and not still in the app.

I hope that I was able to provide you with some answers. In general, we always focus on the "needs" of the majority of users, knowing that we may not be able to implement some of the desired functions of minorities, or only later.

I wish you continued good travels with SBB Mobile.

Kind regards
Carlo (Carlo_CSM in the community)
Team SBB Mobile