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SBB App Giving Wrong Ticket

New Member
Hello, Last month I have been in Baden and I lost my last bus No. 2 at 23:51H going to Spreitenbach (Langäcker). So I tried to get an option ticket to go home from the SBB App which I am usually using. Into my surprise, I got a train ticket going to Killwangen by RE 4793 Direction Zürich HB for 00:13H time departure which is said to arrive Killwangen-Spreitenbach station at 00:21 and to take for Bus NFB 2 from Killwangen heading to Shopping Center at 00:25H and arrive at Spreitenbach(Langäcker) at 00:28H. I took the train as I feel nervous that I cannot get anymore a next one because the next will be 5:00H schedule. To my surprise, the train didn't stop at Killwangen station and head directly to Zurich HB. Unfortunately, I reached Zurich HB at past midnight that there is no more train going back to Spreitenbach. Then I have to take bus back going to Alstetten, from Alstetten going to Schlieren and from Schlieren I took a taxi going to Spreitenbach because there's no more 303 bus going to Dietikon-Shopping Center at that time 01:00H. I was so afraid I cannot go home as my son is alone at home in my apartment waiting for me. My question is: Why are you selling ticket in this app that doesn't give the right train and schedule to the passengers? I checked just now if this schedule is still exisiting, YES, it is still there. Why it will appear in this app a certain REGIONAL train ticket that will not be able to stop in Killwangen? Can you please verify this kind of schedule and the likes so that this incident will not happen again? How can you put a schedule in this app wherein it is not true? I hope this will be fixed soon. Thank you!
Traveller (platinum)

Hello Mei,

I'm really sorry about this situation. This is an official timetable and your train should have stopped in Killwangen-Spreitenbach. Maybe the mechanic forgot to stop at that station.

If you want to know the exact reason, please contact our customer service :

In any case, this is not a problem with our application and this situation should not happen again.

Kind Regards,