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New Author
I am an traveller from China. I am interested in SBB's "Day Pass for 2" ( But I am confused about its conditions, which need your kind help and confirm. I (without any discount card) will travel with my wife (with Swiss Half Fare Card for foreigner) and my daughter (5-years-old). My question are belows: 1. Are we eligible to purchase "Day Pass for 2"? 2. When we buy one "Day Pass for 2", does it mean we three can travel by train, boat, postbus, tram and bus without any other cost in the whole day?

Hi @KevinHe

The day pass for 2 is only available for holders of a Half-Fare travelcard that is valid for 1 year (Swiss Half Fare Card for 1 month is not valid).

However, it would be possible to buy a saver day pass. You can choose "reduced price with the Half-Fare travelcard" for your wife and "full price without the Half-Fare travelcard" for yourself.

Kind regards


I double check the conditions for "Day Pass for 2" and "Save Day Pass". It is "a valid Half-Fare travelcard" holder that can purchase "Day Pass for 2" or "Save Day Pass" with reduced price. So it is confused that Swiss Half Fare Card for 1 month isn't valid for "Day pass for 2", but is valid for "Save day pass". If my above understanding is true, I think SBB website should describe these two offers' condition more accurately. Thank you